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I rebuild all my carbs using all new parts where needed. These will include gaskets and seals as well as viton float valves. All parts are cleaned and checked. See individual listings for details.

This is a set of PHF 30’s for a 750 GT.

PHF carbs with clamp type fittings are no longer available new so this is about as near to new as you will find now.

There is no VAT to add to any of my prices.  


I am always looking for
Dellorto Vintage carbs. UA/UB/MA/MB

PHF 32 and 36 dont leave these kicking about under the bench, let me put them back into use. What have you got ?

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calipers and carbs is a new venture from . Calipers and carbs sets out to supply the classic Italian bike owner with easy access at unbeatable prices for genuine Brembo and Dellorto parts. I keep a wide range of new and used calipers, new and used Carburettors and associated items like throttles and bell-mouths, master cylinders and pads.

You will also find a growing selection of Vintage Dellorto carbs and spares and I can now offer a full rebuild service for your carbs from PHF to PHM and VHB to UB and SS. Single carbs, pairs and Laverda triple sets. Give me a ring or drop me an email with any questions and I will be pleased to help.

Please note the prices quoted here are not +VAT, they are what you pay.

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Simply make a list of what you want and send it to me via email, I will confirm availability, cost and shipping. Don't forget to let me know where you are in the world.


I now keep these Domino by Thommaselli vintage single pull throttles. These have a max 42mm stroke adjustable by 15mm -25mm using the front stop and are ideal for anything using a single cable including Ducati singles with UB, VHB or PHF carbs. These come complete with a screw on nipple if needed and grips and cable adjuster cover.

2.9 degree per mm pull £57.95

Quick action single pull. 46mm max stroke with 2.3 degree turn per mm pull. Alloy housing. £33.85

 Thommaselli Daytona 2C throttle assembly twin pull Chrome . 45mm max stroke with 3.4 degree turn per mm pull, Chrome with underside damper screw  £68.95

 Thommaselli Daytona 2C throttle assembly twin pull satin black . 45mm max stroke with 3.4 degree turn per mm pull, Srd LM1 with underside damper screw  £64.95

Plus a selection of new and used throttles and spare parts and original Verlicchi grips HERE