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Classic Italian motorcycle parts


Dellorto Spares

your old bevel parts, complete bikes to individual items
Put your old bits back into use !! Why pay listing fee’s,commission fee’s, PayPal fees and then get let down by time wasters. ?
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 Hi and welcome to my site, hopefully you can find what you are looking for here. Some stock turns over quite quickly but I do update this site daily . Please email me to check availability ,prices where not marked and P&P before going any further . If its listed here then ,I do have it !! (Unless I just sold it……)

I now keep a full range of Brembo service parts for PS12/15 master cylinders and PO5/9 Callipers at very competitive prices.

There is no VAT to add to any of my prices.  

Latest additions

Frame and Cycle parts

New stainless steel petrol caps. Locking and std. These are nicely made and have a mirror polished finish and are as near to chrome as you will get and a lot cheaper. These have a 50mm seal and will fit most Ducati’s except the very early models (1960’s) which had a70mm seal. Also fit Laverda and some Guzzi’s £46.50 each

The best selection of Italian classic motorcycles in the country ?

I rebuild all my carbs using all new parts where needed. These will include gaskets and seals as well as viton float valves. All parts are cleaned and checked. See individual listings for details.

This is a set of PHF 30’s for a 750 GT.

PHF carbs with clamp type fittings are no longer available new so this is about as near to new as you will find now.

Send me your project pictures for my customers bikes page for 2016



I keep a comprehensive range of original Dellorto parts for PHF/PHM/VHB carburettors

If its available I probably have it.  I also keep a good selection of reconditioned carbs for popular Ducati’s including many singles.


Your old Dellorto carbs, the older the better, Good prices paid for vintage carbs from 1945 up to the late 1970s.

Did you know the flow of fuel into your carburettor is governed by your float valve ? As the fuel level drops in your float bowl the float drops with it allowing the rubber tipped float valve to uncover the hole that allows the fuel into the bowl. Old carbs have rubber tipped float valves that go hard and react poorly to modern fuels. All my float valves have Red Viton tips that are more resistant to the ethanol based fuels that we have today. If your float valves leak because the rubber has gone hard your carburettor will flood and in extreme cases can fill your sump with fuel !

Just in

These are 860 non Desmo rockers. Professionally refaced with a new Stelite pad brazed in place of the old cast and chromed item. This is the industry std now and is better wearing than the old chrome items.

Exchange from stock or buy outright

Genuine Malossi intake kits for Wide stud heads running PHM40’s 900SS/MHR/LateSD/S2

Complete kit replaces your rubber inlet gaskets with Alloy plates and replaceable O rings.

The original intake gaskets were a laminate of rubber, a steel plate and rubber.. These worked well but tended to go hard and brittle over time. Most of the modern replacements no longer have the steel plate, this means you can either continue tightening the carbs till the rubber gaskets bursts out of position or it gets sucked in during use and the carbs are wobbling about as if rubber mounted. The end result is the

the same and its usually  a good ride spoiled.  The answer is these Malossi kits that do away with the rubber gasket altogether and will last forever without going brittle or cracking. At the moment these are only available for PHM 40s and not the PHF 32’s Price is £48.00 a set for 2 carbs. You may need to file off the small lip if you have them on you alloy inlet manifolds or just fit Malossi manifolds as well. Also available matching Malossi intake manifolds for the SS and Darmah running 40’s here