The place to buy your classic bike Brembo and Dellorto parts on line



Ducatipaddy specialises in hard to find Dellorto anhd Brembo parts for classic Italian motorcycles but is growing fast to include electrical and service items.

Many classics of the 60s/70s/80s used similar brakes, carbs ,suspension and electrics so if you have a Ducati, Laverda,Moto guzzi,Benelli I might be able help.

The best selection of Italian classic motorcycles in the country ?

I rebuild all my carbs using all new parts where needed. These will include gaskets and seals as well as viton float valves. All parts are cleaned and checked. See individual listings for details.

PHF carbs with clamp type fittings are no longer available new so this is about as near to new as you will find now.

There is no VAT to add to any of my prices.  


I am always looking for
Dellorto Vintage carbs. UA/UB/MA/MB

PHF 32 and 36 dont leave these kicking about under the bench, let me put them back into use. What have you got ?

MOBILE: 07952 502149

+44(0)1306 888285




Simply make a list of what you want and send it to me via email here

 I will confirm availability, cost and shipping. Don't forget to let me know where you are in the world.

Please note: I will usually reply by return to emails, texts can take up to 6 months… :-)

Another rarity

A complete set of PHM 40 carb tops for a LM 1-2-3-4

Complete with slide lift rods and tubes/springs.


The Brembo and Dellorto factories in Italy are both shut. I have pretty good stocks of most things you might need but when they are gone I don't know when new deliveries will come in…


Most european postal services are back to normal now however the lack of flights means some long haul parcels to Australia and New Zealand are taking a lot longer than usual

The original 4 pot Brembo,s, very hard to find in this excellent condition 32/32 P4D

New Cerakoted PS15 fronts. Fantastic ceramic finish

Popular PS11B rear master cylinders in Gold Black or Silver

NEW P4D piston and seal kits


Covid has severally hit supplies of Brembo and Dellorto parts from Italy.

Its been nearly 3 months since distributors have had any new stock so most retail outlets like mine are starting to run out

Please be patient, its not my fault and as soon as I can restock I will.

Stay safe, Paddy

NEW PS12 with choice of Ducati or Laverda lever. Feedback says these give a much better feel than the std PS15

NEW in  Battery tray rubbers for 750/860/darmah