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fuel pipe, tubes, taps, others

Fuel line clips come in 3 sizes

A:  11.3mm for use with Airete 10mm fuel line

B:  12.6mm for use with Continental fuel line

C:  14mm For use with Continental on the bottom fuel rail on Laverda's above


These are all £0.65 each

Brand New taps Left and right handed M16 so Laverda Triples and Ducati Darmah/Pantah etc £18.00 each

Brand New taps Left and right handed with rear outlet M16 used on some Mioto guzzi. Although symmetrical the lever action makes these handed. Note res position on each    £18.00 each

Airete 7mm bore fuel line. Simular to Cavis but this is 10mm outside Dia not 12mm so it more flexable. It doesnt like sharp bends as it tends to kink but for Singles it great.  £5.90 meter

Use the Type A 11.3 mm clips above


Square Brev.Orlandi style fuel taps,suitable for Laverdas 750 twins, all triples  and anybike with M16 x 1 male thread tap fitting.£37.00 each. these are handed left and right.

Vacuume pipe 5mm bore, sold in .5 metre length £2.50  This is black rubber as thew original.

Carb overflow tube, 3mm bore for later PHF carbs with metal overflow outlets £4.50 metre

5mm Bore  retro fuel line for singles £6.00 metre

EPDM brake line  tubing for remote resevoirs.

absolutly not for the pressure side of the system. £1.50 15cm use type a clips above

5mm bore vacuum pipe and t pieces set for Laverda triples  £3.50 a set Please note this is now black rubber 

An original style cloth covered rubber fuel hose, 7mm bore 12mm OD  £8.50 meter

Cristal Benz

This a copy of the old Cavis Benz. 7x12 £12.00 a metre