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Brake Master cylinders

Genuine Brembo PS13 front brake master cylinder  which would make a great replacement for the old round PS12 used on the Pantah, small guzzi’s etc. £145.00 These come with a black lever from brembo. Silver levers are available at just £15.00 when purchased with a master cylinder

Brand new PSC12 clutch master cylinders, Genuine Brembo with  genuine Brembo adjustable levers
 List £200.00, save £25.00  Price £175.00  

Genuine Brembo PS15 front brake master cylinder for a wide variety of early Bimota’s and can be used as a modern replacement for the round Darmah/860/SS reservoirs and a lot cheaper complete with micro brake light switch. £165.00 each These come with a black lever from brembo. Silver levers are available at just £15.00 when purchased with a master cylinder

These are brand new PSC16 master cylinders, genuine Brembo with Brembo adjustable levers and complete with micro (brake light ) switch. Can be supplied with ether a plain or mirror mount clamp my price £188.00

These are brand new reproduction PS12 rear master cylinders. These can be used to replace the original PS15 as found on a Darmah, 900SS and Laverda triple to give much more feel in the rear brake. They can be supplied with a lever to fit Ducati or Laverda applications. All original brembo parts are interchangeable £169.00


New PS13 clutch
Genuine Brembo PS13 clutch master cylinder used on Paso/851/900SS in the 80’s
 £135.00 each

Black or silver lever choice

clutch Master cylinders

Rear brake Master cylinders

New Pattern Brembo PS15 master cylinder used on Guzzi’s complete with operating arm and spring etc. £135.00 

New rear master cylinder. These are model number 10.2934.02. PS16 used on a lot of MotoGuzzi inc 1000 leMans £126.00 each

New PS11B Gold rear master cylinder £65.95

PS11.this is the only Brembo still produced with 50mm mounting centres for ducati 851 and  others. these are reproduction but excellent quality £110.00

New PS11B Black rear master cylinder £65.95

New PS11B Silver rear master cylinder £65.95

New PS11C Gold rear master cylinder £65.95

New PS11C Black rear master cylinder £65.95

New PS13C Black rear master cylinder £65.95

New PS13B Black rear master cylinder £65.95

Bar clamp Gold £12.75

Bar clamp black £12.75

Brembo PSC 12 with switch

900 Monster from 2002

S4, 996 S4R, 1000 Monster...

List £209.00 save £34.00  Price £175.00 

PS16 standard model front master with non-adjustable lever and without piston bleed facility. These were  std equip on the 748/916. comes with brake light  switch.  £125.95 each

Brand new PS13 clutch master cylinders, Genuine Brembo with  genuine Brembo levers non adjust  Original std equip on the 748/916   Special offer Price £125.00

Black or silver lever choice

Bar clamp with mirror mount, these come in left hand and right hand thread  for clutch and Brake side. £14.75

Bar clamp commonly used on the Monster clutch side with mirror mount and the small hole to locate the choke assembly, gold only £12.75

Screw set for the original round PS12/15 mastercylinders £6.95

As above but now available in PS15 £169.00

Available with Ducati or the angled Laverda triple lever

PS15 Round

Brake Master cylinders

New PS 13 clutch master, Black or silver lever  £135.00

Reproduction PS 15 front brake master cylinders taken from the original castings including casting date of 1977

Completely interchangeable with the original Brembo parts, lids , bellows, piston and seal kits, bowls etc.

£168.00 each