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Dellorto tuning Guide


Dellorto manual


Dellorto Vintage usage list


Dellorto Vintage parts diagrams


Dellorto Vintage settings

Setting float height on PHF carbs.

With black or Brown floats the tang that holds the float valve needle must be parallel to the float arms

Note how the Post for the pivot rod, the float arm and the flat on the float form three sides of a square with the float arm parallel to the float bowl seat casting.

This picture is as above but with the spring in the float valve depressed. The float valve is shut with the spring uncompressed, the spring allows the float to bob up and down on a bumpy road without affecting the fuel level.

Finally check that both floats are at the same height, this should be 18.5mm for PHF and 17.5mm for PHM

Laverda 350, 500 parts diagram


Laverda 750 parts diagram


Laverda 1200 parts diagram


Laverda Jota series 2 parts diagram


Zeuse Tables

Dellorto modern parts lists

Dellorto modern diagrams

Dellorto float height PDF.

  1. Float bowl O-ring

  2. Carb top O-ring

  3. Float valve card washer

  4. Fuel Banjo card washer

  5. Pump nozzel holder card washer

  6. 14mm float bowl nut

  7. felt seal for side arm slide lift

  8. O-rings for pump casting non return valve and throttle slide stop screw, 

  9. Mixture screw O-ring

  10. Pump adjuster O-ring (sometimes green)

  11. top cover card for side pull carbs

  12. Nylon washers for side pull

  13. cable boot throttle

  14. Cable boot choke

  15. Pump diaphragm gasket

  16. Choke casting O-ring

  17. 22mm float bowl nut card washer

  18. Pump nozzle O-ring

  19. Choke pick up jet O-ring